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I have started my career and experience in the banking industry and progressed towards various fields within the banking industry, and the commercial environment. Then started to work in the solar industry, i’ve trained and learned about the solar power during my masters year in the UK, and let and managed a successful solar project in university,

then after it I progressed in the field by dealing with various companies and industries, that led me to participate in the Masdar solar city and Abu Dhabi solar expo, and a partner of the Oman Energy and Water Expo. Establishing various networks and knowledge in this field have enabled me to be elected as the country manager of Oman Solar Industry Association, handling all the solar developments and news in the country, providing guidance and consultation in the solar field industry in Oman and the GCC. Accompanied with this experience I have also grew my own tech startup providing a platform for managing and tracking projects, aiming to enrich and add value to people’s lives and create an easier way to communicate and track tasks for individuals and companies.

With my work I am adept at maintaining ethical working standards in every aspect of the role, working individually or as part of a team. Inquisitive, forward thinking, with the ability to balance commercial aspirations with operational considerations whilst establishing credibility with senior decision makers in a wide range of business contexts. 

Have found my passion in teaching and sharing my knowledge and experiences gained from other people, which I have found great opportunities to be able to inspire and lead others into starting their own journey to success, and following their dreams. 

Currently Operating in:
Presentations & Talks:

-       Presentation 1:

o   Name: Art of Self Mastery and Persuasion

o   Duration: 1 Hour

o   Location: London, UK

o   Event Audience: The Omani Ambassador in the UK, Cultural Attaché, General Adults, and Students

o   Presentation Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QakCAEWvNOk


-       Presentation 2:

o   Name: Inner Belief and Self Motivation

o   Duration: 30 Minutes

o   Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Muscat - Oman

o   Event Audience: Bahraini Company - Challenger Team, Teachers, and Children


-       Presentation 3:

o   Name: Charisma and Self Mastery

o   Duration: 30 Minutes

o   Location: Omantel, Muscat - Oman

o   Event Audience: Schlumberger Staff, Omani Australian Society Students, and General Adults

o   Other: Awarded with the best speaker award among 9 other presenters


-       Presentation 4:

o   Name: Risk Management and Risk Awareness

o   Duration: Full Day Workshop

o   Location: Bank Muscat HQ, and Various Branches

o   Event Audience: Branch Managers, Department Managers, and Bank Officers

o   Other: The first to design and apply animation videos and illustrations in the bank’s presentations


-       Presentation 5:

o   Name: Present yourself in an influential way

o   Duration: 18 Minutes

o   Location: OMC - Sohar

o   Event Audience: Doctors, Medical Students, Employees, Entrepreneurs, and various international crowd o   Presentation Link: https://youtu.be/Sp_bNqPBV9E

-       Presentation 6:

o   Name: Behavioral Economics and Irrationalities

o   Duration: 30 Minutes

o   Location: Sultan Qaboos University

o   Event Audience: Doctors, Medical Students, Employees, and various international crowd

-       Presentation 7:

o   Name: Behavioural Economics Online Course - Edlal (Powered by Omantel)

o   Duration: 30 Minutes

o   Location: Online Video Course

o   Video Link: goo.gl/pYFwLH

-       Presentation 8:

o   Name: EQ for Team Management and Building

o   Duration: 7 Hours

o   Location: Bank Dhofar - Performance Academy

o   Event Audience: Departments Staff and Managers, and Management

-       Presentation 9:

o   Name: Innovation Awareness Session

o   Duration: 1 Hour

o   Location: Bank Dhofar Branches

o   Event Audience: Area Managers and Branch Managers

-       Presentation 10:

o   Name: Solar Industry Developments and the Economical Impact for Oman and the GCC Region

o   Duration: 1 Hour

o   Location: Oman Convention & Exhibition Center - Intex Oman Forum

o   Event Audience:  International Audience, Energy Companies Directors and Consultants, Various     Engineering Companies Directors and Consultants, Research Groups, and Local Consultants

o   Interviewed and covered in the national newspaper business front page - Oman Daily Observer

o   News Article Link: http://2016.omanobserver.om/strong-potential-solar-based-manufacturing-sector/


-       Presentation 11:

o   Name: Psychology, Human Behaviour, and Communication Techniques

o   Duration: 2 Hours

o   Location: Sultan Qaboos University

o   Event Audience:  Nurses, Medical Staff, SQU Staff, and Academic Students.


-       Presentation 12:

o   Name: Strategy, Change Management, Finance, Marketing, and Risk Management

o   Duration: 6 Hours Each Presentation

o   Location: Oman Development Bank (7 Presentations)

o   Event Audience: Departments/Branches Staff and Managers, Management, and Consultants.


-       Presentation 13:

o   Name: Important Lessons for Life after University (Psychology, Communication, and Management)

o   Duration: 1 Hour

o   Location: MCBS (Modern College of Business & Science), Muscat - Oman

o   Event Audience: General Audience, Students, Professors, and Organizers

-       Presentation 14:

o   Name: Effective Selling Using Emotional Intelligence - Injaz Program

o   Duration: 8 Hours

o   Location: Bank Dhofar - Performance Academy

o   Event Audience: Departments/Branches Staff and Managers, and Management

-       Presentation 15:

o   Name: Technology Innovation and Industry 4.0

o   Duration: 1 Hour

o   Location: Oman Convention & Exhibition Center        - Comex Oman 2019

o   Event Audience: Executives, Managers, Individuals, Investors and Entrepreneurs

-       Presentation 16:

o   Name: Behavioral Economics and Entrepreneurship Skills Presentation

o   Duration: 1 Hour

o   Location: Village Hotel Bugis - Singapore 2019

o   Event Audience: Students and Entrepreneurs

-       Presentation 17:

o   Name: 4th Industrial Revolution

o   Duration: 1 Hour

o   Location: Millennium Resort Mussanah 

o   Event Audience: ODB Staff, Management, and Board

Talks Topics & Subjects:
Global Experiences and Conferences:
My Researches (PDF):

Based in Muscat, Oman


Tel: + 968 99763456


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